About Us

First thing, what does “ESSA” mean?

ESSA is the Cornish name given to Saltash. So ESSA is literally Saltash. Therefore we are the Saltash Cycling Club

ESSA is the only cycling club in Saltash.  Founded in 2012 the club is quickly growing in size, now having a broad range of riders.  The Clubs aim is to introduce people into cycling, develop their skills, in a safe and enjoyable environment. The Club ranges from riders who are racing in Criteriums, Time Trials & Tri-athalon (ESSA is affiliated to British Cycling and Cycling Time Trials), through to riders that ride purely for pleasure and companionship.

Essa 0 There are regular training rides on Wednesday evenings and Saturday mornings throughout the year (for more information visit the Club Rides page). The rides cater for all abilities from beginners through to seasoned racers, but most importantly they are about enjoying cycling!  Ad-hoc rides are often organised by members whose schedules don’t always fit into these windows, we try and cater for all our members inclusively.

All rides depart from the Certini bicycle store car park unless stated otherwise.

The Wednesday rides are currently split into 3 grous – Evolve (12-14), Tempo (15) & Pace (16+), all leave Certini at 18.00.

The Saturday rides are usually an 08:00 leave from Certini.  This allows for longer distances, essa-s1-1076but still returning home at a reasonable time, often around Midday.  In winter the Saturday rides are usually up to 4 Hrs or 60 miles and in the summer we can reach up to 100 miles!  We’ll post up Rides in advance so people can choose, times, speed and routes that suit their requirements.  We are currently offering various groups, as per Wednesday’s, but on an informal, ad-hoc, member led basis.

 If you would like to join us for a ride please look at our club ride page or contact info@essacycling.org

Additionally if you would like to join Essa Cycling, please follow the link for the membership form below.